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    Stock Hoods

    Hoods are a traditional component of graduation or faculty regalia for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees. They are made with polyester, satin, and velvet materials. They are available in a Bachelor/Master degree size, or a larger Doctoral degree size. These brilliant hoods are pre-made with common velvet colors, and various colors inside. The benefit of getting a stock hood is that since they are already made, they will be able to ship very quickly.

    Please take note of the following when ordering our stock hoods:

    *Shell of hoods will be black unless otherwise noted.

    *These hoods are in stock and ready to ship.

    *Inside colors of hoods will be randomly chosen, based on what we have in stock. You have a choice of the velvet color only.

    *If ordering multiple hoods, we cannot guarantee that they will match each other. Quantities may be limited.

    Degree Reference Guide for Velvet Color

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