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Price: $4.65
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    Custom Variegated/Braided Honor Cord

    Our brightly colored honor cords are a great way to recognize your honor achievements or to designate your membership in your honor society! Our variegated honor cords are available in any combination of 2 or 3 colors, braided into a single cord. They can be purchased individually or in a tied set of two.

    Note: Minimum order of 12 custom cords required.

    Note on Ordering:

    The cord is made up of 3 braided strands, so if you want a two color honor cord, the dominant color will make up two of the three strands. You would need to select the dominant color under "color 1" and "color 2", then select the other color under "color 3". For example, the color selections for the Red/Black honor cord pictured would be as follows:

    Color 1: Red

    Color 2: Red

    Color 3: Black

    Please call with any questions or if you need additional help in ordering.

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